Vietnamese state firms have been awarded by The National Food Authority (NFA) Philippines for the supply contract for 800,000 metric tons (MT) of rice buffer stock for this year and state run grains procurement agency was awarded for supply of total of 600,000 MT of rice to Vietnam Southern Foodcorp(Vinafood2).

NFA’s quotation of $477.28 per MT with selling price of $436.50 per MT, $437.75 per MT, and $439.25 per MT for three lots of 200,000 MT each was beaten by Vinafood2. But then$426 per  Vinafood 1 wins the bid and beat Vinafood’s quotation for selling price of MT and $439 per MT for shipments of 100,000 MT each. Hence the final contract with Vietnam Northern Food Corp. (Vinafood 1).This is the result when Vinafood1 wins the bid

There were various other bidding partners such as Singapore-based firms Olam International and Roan Agrifactor Corp., Louis Dreyfus Commodities Asia Pte. Ltd., Thailand-based Thai Hua Co. Ltd. and Hong Kong-based Singsong HK Ltd. which participated in the bidding held on 15 April. Among them Olam International and Roan Agrifactor were disqualified from participating in the bidding as these firms could not comply with the delivery period of between May to August.

The rice shipments to be made between the months of May to August are specified as long grain, well-milled white rice that is 15 percent broken.