According to figures from the Foreign Investment Agency under the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the FDI in Vietnam’s agriculture

is showing a downtrend in the past 15 years

According to data, 15 years ago the FDI in Vietnam’s agriculture contributed for 15% of the country’s total registered FDI but for the last 3 years it has declined to 0.3% only.

Figures reveals that as of August this year there are total of 512 ongoing FDI Projects on agriculture, fishery and forestry sector with a total capital of $US3.4 billion which accounts for 1.4% of the total registered capital and 3.03 percent of the total FDI projects .

FDI in Vietnam ranking is 10th among 18 economic sectors who are attracting the FDI.

Currently there are 16,910 FDI projects on going with a capital of $US243 billion. On an average 20 FDIs in agriculture sector per year are launched in Vietnam.

Most FDIs in agriculture sector are small scale with a cost of $US6.6 million whereas in other sector they cost $US14.7 million. Of total investment in FDI in agriculture sector 78% is involved in plantation and wood processing projects.

Most of the foreign investors in Vietnam’s FDI are from Asian countries like Thailand, China’ s Taiwan and Indonesia. Also  investor from developed countries like United States, Japan and European countries invest in Vietnam’s FDI.

the Foreign Investment Agency marks country’s heavy dependence on natural conditions, small-scale and dispersed production, and the shortage of infrastructure as factors responsible for decline in the agriculture sector FDI.

Agriculture sector in Vietnam contributes to 20% of total GDP of the country per year and 70% of total employment  per year.