In Bangkok a great tension is going on because of rice trade has become less in Beijing and Hanoi. Now Govt. is planning to sell government stocks and Thai rice has become more competitive, this was declared by rice traders on Wednesday. Reputation of South China Sea in payment terms is not considered good, so exporters are not much interested in dealing with them. Vietnamese rice price have declined.  A great number of nearly thousand Vietnamese are in fury and set fire to factories and ruined the industrial are related to rice. According to Ho chi Minh, a trader, there is a great slump in the rice sales to china, the reason is Chinese Oil rig moved to the part of Sea. Vietnam broken rice leveled at $395-$400 a tone, and last week it was $405-$410 last week. Mekong Delta peasants have finished the harvest for the winter-spring crop. The biggest figure was nearly 11 million tons of paddies and was more than 5 percent. Harvesting of paddy is always much in July. selling its paddy stock. Martial law could not do much said,Surasak Riangkrul,  who heads the foreign trade in commerce ministry here. Thai rice is more competitive than Vietnam and India