The Vietnam wants to have a guaranteed position in the Philippine market as it has support the Phillipness to put forward its request to extend the quantitative restriction on rice imports, the Agriculture Department said

Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala disclosed Vietnam’s condition, as the government was negotiating with the World Trade Organization to extend the special restriction on rice imports until 2017.

The QR has limited the volume of rice that can be imported in the country. Alcala said Vietnam wanted an allocation under the country-specific rice importation quota of the minimum access volume in exchange for its support for the Philippines’ bid.

Under the agreement between the Phillipine and WTO,the Phillipnie committed to a minimum access volume of 350,000 metric tons for rice, with a tariff rate of 40 percent.  Vietnam wants to supply part of the volume and hence want to have a position in the Phillipine market.

MAV refers to the minimum volume of farm produce allowed to enter into the Philippines at reduced tariffs, while shipments outside MAV pay higher rates.