The private rice exporter in Vietnam express their dissatisfaction with VGA saying that instead of promoting their rice business the VGA is demoting their business.

The VGA is discouraging the rice exporter in the Vietnam . the VGA apply its rules and regulations to  the rice exporter to export their  rice to countries like Indonesia,Malaysia,Philippines as VGA has a Government to government contract with these countries. Due to these so called concentrated contracts their business is facing a lot of  decline for they past few months.Also if they registered to export their rice to these three countries they were faced harassment.

The VGA and two state owned export enterprises struck deals of rice with Indonesia,Malaysia,Philippines at very low prices  less than the prices currently at  market.The rice exporters have to export the rice at this rate so they have to export the rice at these rates hence they have to suffer a lot of losses in their business.They are also facing discourags because of the prices of rice and paddy prices.

They are facing losses as they have to buy the rice at higher prices and export them at lower prices.

Currently, domestic prices of IR50404 and long grain paddy for 5% broken rice in MRD stand at around VND 4400-4500 per kilogram (around $206-$210 per ton) and VND 4800-4900 per kilogram(around $224-$229 per ton)  respectively up about $5 per ton or VND 100 per kg compared to a week earlier.

In the export market,prices of Viet 5% broken rice have been increasing and currently stand around $420-430 per ton,prices of  Viet 25% broken rice stand at $370-380 per ton  and those of jasmine fragrance rice stand at around $575-585 per ton.

Export prices of thai and indian rice are also rising up.

According to data from VFA, Vietnam exported  about 3.182 million ton of rice  during january to july 2014 down about 22% from about  4.1 million  ton of rice exported in first seven month of last year