Union of small and medium Enterprises(UNISAME)  have praised Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) for their unopposed support on election  on the committee for a period of three years in the north and south zone and requested them to make REAP a model to support the rice exporters but not a social club .

Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan
Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan

Zulfikar Thaver, president of UNISAME has said that all the ten members of the association are well deserved and highly understandable.They are appointed for a period of 2014-2016.They expect from them to devote their time and energy to resolve their issues including:

  • Prompt closure of troublesome Quality Review Committee (QRC)
  • Pending case of geographical indications (GI) of basmati rice
  • The deteriorating supply chain
  • Falling export of basmati rice,
  • Implementation of currency swap with Iran,
  • Smuggling of rice to neighbouring countries,
  • Under invoicing of rice shipments,
  • lack of access to finance,
  • Increasing cost of production,
  • Absence of a strong legal committee to tackle matters of marketing committee
  • High handedness of officials of tax departments,
  • Energy crisis , the law and order situation.

There are members in the association from both south and noprth zone.The members from south zone named Rafique Suleman, Muhammad Raza and Noman Ahmed Sheikh,  Abdul Rehman Shah . Of these the former three are from Karachi and the later one is from Quetta. 

The members from the north zone are Mian Mohsin Aziz and Chaudhry Khalid Mehmood  from Kamoke, M Tayyab Bashir has been elected from Okara, while Ali Hussam Asghar was elected from Lahore whilst Muhammad Jawed Jilani was elected member from South Zone’s associate class who belonged to Karachi. They further said that Mian Shakeel Ahmad, who was from Lahore, was elected member from North Zone’s associate class. 

Rafique Suleman had been the earlier the vice chairman for REAP and hence has lots of experience in the export sector and hence expected that he will also promote the export to the non traditional countries and Noman Ahmad Sheikh who was the chairman at one time would seriously take some steps to overcome the matter of regaining lost markets of basmati rice.