Vietnam ongoing drought and saltwater intrusionAccording to the sources, it has been reported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development that the total yield of winter-spring rice crop in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, which has just ended, was 10.4 million tons only, which is down around 6.3 percent against the previous winter-spring crop, due to the ongoing drought and saltwater intrusion. In this matter, it has also been stated that the severe drought and saltwater encroachment have damaged over 200,000 hectares of winter-spring rice in the delta. Thus, the total rice output in Kien Giang Province has been  dropped by 312,000 tons while  in Tra Vinh Province  it declined by 169,000 tons.

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Further, to cope with the severe drought and saltwater encroachment, the agriculture agencies have advised Mekong Delta provinces to choose between only one, two or three key rice varieties to cultivate and then harvest summer-autumn in September accordingly. Moreover, due to the drought and food scarcity, Vietnam’s southeastern region and Central Highlands region have so far this year faced difficulties in raising cattle too. Meanwhile, cultivation of maize, soya beans, and sweet potatoes nationwide have also been reported to be sluggish.