shanti agro adAccording to the sources, twenty-two million tons of basmati rice from India in a year and a half to buy by the Kuwait, but the country has also now begun to grow the Basmati in the coming years which may affect exports from India. As reported by the Kuwait News Agency that basmati cultivation in Kuwait after failing many times has now successfully tested. If the test runs further successfully in the fields of Kuwait that could affect exports of basmati.
Although Kuwait is preparing for the basmati rice, but can say whether or not he remains doubtful on this yet. According to the Indian Agricultural and Processed Foods and Export Development Authority or the agency APEDA, the IPAB board of Basmati rice has applied for the geographical identification (GI) and if India gets the Geographical Identification, then, any country cannot sell rice by using basmati name.
Further, in this context, India has still got GI tag for basmati to meet their needs in their production which shall be exported to Kuwait from India that will be affected. As per report, Kuwait is the fifth largest buyer of Indian basmati in 2014-15, and buys around 1.66 million tons of basmati rice.