black riceAccording to sources, it has been narrated that researchers from the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) will help the government in promoting the use of black rice, which is considered to be highly nutritious. In addition, the black rice is mostly grown in India’s North-Eastern states which are famous for its pleasant nutty flavor. Further, the black rice has also a good demand in the U.S., Australia and European nations. It was also revealed that one of the varieties of black rice called ‘chakhao’, grown in Manipur has good reputation and sale in China.

Indian Queen Basmati Rice Ad.
Indian Queen Basmati Rice

Further, as per reports it has been stated that the IARI scientists will suggest an action plan to the government on how to promote black rice and other rice varieties. It was told that the plan would earn foreign exchange as well as improve the condition of farmers in the north-east states. According to the Head of the genetics division of IARI, that it is important to promote the unique variety like black rice in the larger interest of farmers in different regions. Moreover, black rice has also a medicinal value since they are rich in disease fighting antioxidants and known for their anti-cancerous attributes as well.