It has been noted by the Experts that there are several binding regulations for exporters which are hindering Vietnamese rice exports as indicated by the local sources. The Deputy Director of the National Agricultural Extension Center was speaking at a workshop in Hanoi on August 25. He suggested that the government should loosen the existing rice export regulations to encourage exporters as Vietnam government requires rice exporters to have large processing plants and storehouses to qualify for exporting rice. While, in Thailand even small exporters are allowed to export rice.

shanti agro adDuring the workshop, speakers also suggested that government should change the transfer of land ownership Act as the current law does not have landowner retention limit. The government was urged to include the landowner retention limit of 3 hectares to help the small farmers. In addition, it was also  noted that though Vietnam exports  is over 6 million tons of rice annually but  exporters’ and farmers’ incomes is low  as compared to their counterparts in Thailand.

Further, it was reiterated that since Vietnamese rice exporters are facing a stiff competition with that of India, Pakistan and the U.S., by easing the export regulations it may help to boost the Vietnamese rice exports