Brazil RiceAccording to the local repots, the governments of Nigeria and Brazil have decided to work together to enhance agricultural research in Nigeria as well as to  boost food production and security in the country .The Permanent Secretary of Nigeria’s Agriculture Ministry revealed  that the collaboration would enhance investment in agricultural research in the country and are keen on transforming the working structure of Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria (ARCN) on the lines of its Brazilian counterpart.

 Further, the work plan especially to involve the development of the rice sector, which seeks to achieve self-sufficiency in production. The Ministry is keen on borrowing ideas from Brazil to achieve the task and this collaboration would particularly seek to improve rice cooperatives, rice value chain, rice milling equipment and agribusiness activities. In addition, the partnership would see Nigeria attains self-sufficiency in agricultural production with the application of technology and to improve its economy as stated by  the Vice President of Nigerian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

 In this context, it has also been reported that Brazil has offered to export rice to Nigeria and has sought the government to relax the barriers on rice importation. However, the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) Executive Secretary noted that Nigeria is seeking Brazil’s support in improving the quality and quantity of rice production in the country since the Nigeria itself is a major market. Further, the nation wants to borrow a leaf from Brazil to be a major producer,Shanti-Agro consumer and be the net exporter in the areas where we have the comparative advantage. Under this project, a trade delegation from Brazil visited Nigeria early this week and noted that Brazil’s investments in Nigeria would focus on rice production, housing, and waste recycling.