Rice huskAs per the sources, it has been reported that the Researchers from the University of Pavia in Italy have developed an insulating material called Eco Aerogel, which is similar to air gel that is used to by NASA for space exploration and missions. The material is still in the testing phase and its production has been too expensive and is associated with high pollution. However, since it is produced in accordance to the principles of environmental sustainability, it seems to be the best thermal insulator in the market.

Further, in this regards, Stefania Grande, which is leader of the research team involved in the project, is keen on patenting the product. It has also been stated that the rice ash contains very high rates of silicon but contains no traces of toxic substances. It looks like a soft white spray and can be used in the building and clothing industries as well in civilShanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. applications. The research team is planning to use the laboratories of the University of Pavia to test the Eco Aerogel and they are keen on building the first plant within a few months.