There is news from Turkish Grain board that due to poor weather conditions and poor crops in central Anatolia and cukirova region there will be zero export duty on 200000 tons of rice and the headlines  become Two hundred thousand tons rice imported at zero custom duty by turkey. The export license under this command will be valid till September 1,2016 and the imports over this particular quantity will have custom duty and will not be considered duty free. TMO is an agency which is a mediocre and intervenes in this kind of matters is given authorization when the future harvest is expected to be less. TMO is authorized for making price control, when it is expected to be high in future. TMO can import 4.2 million tons of grains which also includes two hundred thousand tons of rice, five hundred thousand tons of  corn and two and a half million tons of wheat under this directive while the ministry of economy must approve the import licenses.

The USDA is expecting that in future Turkey is going to produce 500,000 tons of rice grain and imports will be of 330,000 tons of rice in Marketing year 2013-14 to fulfill the consumption needs of 750,000 tons.