rice production in BurundiAccording to the recent report, it has been revealed that the Institute of Agronomic Sciences of Burundi (ISABU) in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences is doing an experiment to increase rice production. It is one of the tests which were initiated by a researcher at the Academy and this has been realised that it is a good field when compared to those of peasants next to that little by little. In view of the satisfactory findings, it has been stated that we will certainly improve production in our country especially as it is a grass that is consumed in the country and it also provides income to farmers and the country. This was narrated on the airwaves of the National Radio Director ISABU, Dieudonné Nahimana, while visiting the test site ISABU Gihanga in Bubanza province west of the country.

Further, in this matter it has also been explained that as these first demonstrations were made in the agro-ecological zone in a plain, the results to be Shanti-Agro-Adobtained will be disseminated in the same area of ​​the plain and that more research will be done in other agro-ecological zones of the country too. However, research continues and we will do tests for other agro-ecological zones where we practice the culture of rice and it is at this point that we have to propose formulas that can help to produce much more as compared to what is happening before, according to the statement issued by the CEO of ISABU. Further, in Burundi, rice is grown in large quantities in the plain of Imbo and in recent years, as we practice rice culture of mountain marshes.