Paraguayan Institute of Agricultural TechnologyAccording to the recent information available, it has been reported that the Paraguayan Institute of Agricultural Technology (IPTA) is developing varieties of high-yielding rice from 200 materials brought from the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) and the International Institute of Rice Research (IRRI). In this regard Dr Hugo Chaparro reported that the experiments will be conducted which include a process of generating six varieties which are fairly advanced and results are expected within three years. It was also narrated that at present there is already available Filial 6 variety which is medium advanced- with local varieties, and it performs the crossovers in the Experimental greenhouse.

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Further, it has been revealed that the present project has the support of Korea Project on International Agriculture (Kopia). Under this project students, producers and authorities participated in the event in Eusebio Ayala.In turn, Ing. Cristhian Ferreira explained that of the 200 lines (propagating material) introduced are working with eight, of which three are promising advanced lines for the excellent performance. Further, in this regard, another official IPTA working on the project, Ing. Martin Guillen revealed that currently small producers obtain a yield of 6,000 kilograms per hectare, and instead, large producers who obtain an average of 10,000 kilograms per hectare. In this regard, it has also been observed that the objective of IPTA is to give small producers a local variety that with the application of appropriate technology to achieve substantially increases in productivity.