The Minister of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment of the Junta de Andalucía, José Sánchez Maldonado, stressed Thursday the momentum of the Andalusian the Science and Technology Park of Córdoba Rabanales 21, through the promotion of competitiveness, innovation and knowledge, to convert such technopolis in “economic engine of the province.”

Enlarge photo Sánchez Maldonado, who held a meeting with the president of the Park, Manuel Pineda Priego, appointed two weeks ago, said that “a new stage in which they will intensify and strengthen the relations between the University opens, the Board and other partners “to make Rabanales 21” main production area of Córdoba and a leader in innovation. “The economy minister has defended the technological infrastructure to be “authentic pockets of economic revitalization”, citing it to Rabanales 21, because, as explained, “the history of this park, like that of the remaining ten Andalusia supports the commitment of regional government for this model-productive scientific “organization.

As indicated by the consejro, over the years, eleven technopolis located in Andalusia’s eight provinces have become “levers to grow and become more competitive, to advance technological knowledge and innovative capacity of the business sector, and to promote strategic sectors of our economy, both traditional and emerging “. In this regard, he pointed to his strength, even in the current economic climate, given that, as underlined Sánchez Maldonado, have continued to grow in number of companies (seven per cent), turnover (two percent) and employment (four percent). Therefore, as pointed counselor, an environment that promotes the creation and concentration of high-tech companies promoting strong research structures “more necessary than ever to promote and support the Rabanales Park is” and and development.

Currently, more than fifty firms in the Park (seven of them technology-based UCO), some international, and this must be added the commissioning of new facilities and completion Silos Córdoba building the Foundation for Innovation Andalusian Center for Sustainable Construction, which contribute to the Park “is now a reality”. Tour companies After the meeting, the Minister visited Canvax Biotech companies and Silos Córdoba, stating, in the first case, that “Canvax Biotech is a true reflection of what represents the park: knowledge, research, competitiveness”.

The firm develops a technology focused on finding drugs and vaccines for application of advanced technologies in the field of genomics and proteomics. It also sells some years a system for cloning DNA with seeking to enter the American and Japanese markets, which have already established contacts with several companies. It also works on technologies for early detection of cancer and minimally invasive, which will mean a revolution in the world of diagnosis. For its part, the agribusiness company Silos Cordoba, Cordoba benchmark economy is focused on the manufacture of silos for grain storage worldwide. Stresses its R + D + i based on engineering and development of industrial and agricultural facilities and materialized in its R + D + i use, which has been operating since last year in the technopolis.

Finally, the Minister stressed that Silos Córdoba is the first company that will build in the park, so “it certainly will effect tractor to other firms.” For your project in the Park (construction of an automated warehouse), the IDEA Agency has awarded two incentives (Locate IN and Order) worth 2.61 million euros.