new paddy cultivation technologyAccording to the latest information, it has been revealed that a workshop demonstrating the latest technologies in paddy cultivation was organized at a paddy field in Kanhangad. This is a ray of hope to cash-strapped farmers to overcome the acute shortage of traditional laborers and extend cultivation to barren stretches of land. A large number of farming enthusiasts watched in awe a machine transplanting paddy seedling to the marshy bed at the Balla paddy field in Kanhangad.

Further, the programme was sponsored jointly by the Agriculture Department, Neeleshwaram Agri Service Centre, district panchayat and the Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA). Further in this context the organizers also planned toShanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. introduce cono weeder, a gadget to clear the paddy field of weeds, intensive pest management and combined harvester machine in due course of time.