Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has awarded the rice department of Thailand for developing two rice varieties ­ Gor Kor 6 and Gor Kor 15 ­ using nuclear energy.

Gor Kor 6 is a soft, fragrant and glutinous variety of rice, which is highly resistant to brown spot disease. Gor Kor 15 is a white rice variety and resembles Mali 105 variety.

Both the varieties are popular among foreign consumers for last three decades. Last year, Gor Kor 6 earned about $60 million and Gor Kor 15 earned about $400 million in exports.

Nearly 12 countries were awarded at the meet to celebrate the 50th anniversary of cooperation between IAEA and FAO according to the Director-General of the Thai Rice Department.

The Thai Rice Department had developed two rice varieties using gamma ray technology for the Mali 105, which is Thailand’s premier rice variety. This achievement was acknowledged at the 50th anniversary meet.