India Queen Basmati RiceThailand’s Pathum Thani Rice Research Centre have developed a new rice variety by the name Thani 200, also known as kor.khor.27 that can withstand colder climates and is pest resistant.

The Director of Rice Centre, a unit of the Rice Department told the sources that the newly developed rice variety Thani 200 is hybrid of two famous Thai rice varieties Suphanburi 1 and IR 64strains.This variety is a fruitful efforts of the researchers as they have taken a decade to develop this rice variety.

Talking to the sources about the features of Thani 200, he told that the variety is resistant to brown plant hopper and is suitable for areas with colder climatic conditions. The variety is also suitable for making by-products such as rice flour.

The agriculture department is planning to produce the new variety as rice seeds before distributing it to farmers.

According to the Director, Rice centre is currently facing the challenges of lack of seeds availability and fulfills its demand from private companies. He said that the introduction of new variety may not fulfill the demand for the seeds.

The Rice Department currently spends about 5 baht per kilogram (around $153 per ton) for Hommali rice seeds,16-17 baht per kg (around$491-$522 per ton)for white rice seeds and 22 baht per kilogram(around $675 per ton) for glutinous rice seeds

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