Rendering to local sources, Thailand’s National Anti­ Corruption Commission (NACC) is planning present the outcomes of its investigation into the unproven government ­to ­government (G2G) agreement between the former government and the Chinese government in the NACC general meeting arranged this month, and resolve the case.

The NACC Chairman stated local spokespersons that the inquiry committee has accomplished all the procedures concerning to collecting sufficient proofs and interrogation of witnesses, including the former Commerce Minister Boonsong Teriyapirom and deputy Phum Sarapol. He noticed that the agency confidences to resolve the examination this month and choose whether the suspect Ministers are to be sentenced or not.

The NACC alleged that the former Ministers supposedly hit a G2G deal with the Chinese government to sell rice promised under the rice pledging scheme.The former Prime Minister is also confronting accusations of overlooking notices beside misdealing in the scandalous rice pledging scheme, which carried losses of around 500 billion baht the exchequer.

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