The Thailand’s National Anti Corruption Commission (NACC)  Solicit for Criminal Charges against Yingluck Shinawatra recommended  criminal charges against former prime minister of  Thailand  Yingluck Shinawatra after finding her of being irresponsible against the warnings  against corruption in Rice paddy pledging scheme,which was started in October 2011

The NACC  Commissioner has informed the media that Yingluck Shinawatra was unsuccessful in inhibiting the losses due to the corruption in rice paddy pledging scheme which was about $15.5 billion .

He said that in this there were seven commissioners involved and after getting repeated warnings the PM should halt the Rice pledging scheme but she didnt.

The NACC  Commissioner noted that he will put his opinion to the Attorney General, which could then file a case  with supreme court’s criminal division for political office holders.

Yingluck Shinawatra possibly will face a five year political ban on finding  being guilty of abusing power of an official.