Thai Ministry of Agriculture and cooperative is planning to provide financial support to rice farmers for producing more paddy and improving their business capabilities.

The funds by ministry of agriculture would be used for supporting rice growers’ cooperative in 19 provinces and motivate them to process more paddy. Thai Agriculture minister was quoted as saying that the ministry aims to increase individual farmer’s paddy production at 940,000 tons by 2019 which is up by more than 50% from 2014 and help them increase their rice processing capabilities by 2.5 times to around 134,000 tons during the same period.

Last year members of rice growers cooperative grew rice on 4.16 million hectares of land which contribute about 48% of total land under rice cultivation in the country. They share 39% of total country’s paddy production.

The plan is to provide financial support to the farmers aims at regaining the lost Thai rice charm in international rice market. Its rice strategy is to improve rice production in the country with the production of high quality rice with very less market intervention.