Thai Rice Exporter Association (TREA) has reported that the Thailand exports more rice than India and Vietnam and hence leads in rice export.This could make Thailand number one in rice exporter.

Pol.Lt.Charoen Laothammat,President of the Thai Rice Exporters Association  said that the Thai rice export situation substantially improved with a 25% increase in value.

Laothammat gave the credit for substantial rise in Thai rice export to the co-operation between the government and private sectors in promoting Thai rice in foreign markets and managing rice stock effectively

Over the past few six months Thailand has exported 5.3 million tonnes of rice which is above 70%.also since the government has discontinued the Rice Pledging Scheme started by the previous government which has raised the prices of domestic rice as compare to global rice by 50%

Pol.Lt.Charoen Laothammat has also estimated that by the end of this year the Thailand is expected to export 9-10 million of Thai rice  and will again become world’s largest rice exporter.