Thai Rice in Philippines

Flag Philippines Thailand
Flag Philippines Thailand


Thai military regime has approved a three year plan under MoU with the Philippines to sell one million tons of rice to Philippines after the expiry of previous three year plan.The plan is valid for 2014-2016.

Under this plan, Thailand is eligible to participate in bidding to sell rice to the Philippines,as with Vietnam and Cambodia under government-to-government (G2G) deals. 

Thai government is able in bidding to sell rice to Philippines in 2012 and 2013 but can managed to sell only 120,000 tonnes and 767,000 tonnes respectively in the two years.Thai government this year aims to sell 1.45 million tonnes of rice to Philippness

Thailand has sold 126,866 tonnes to the Philippines in the last seven month of this year which is about 1,328%  increased from 8,884 tonnes sold in the same period last year. 

Philippines has stopped buying rice from the Vietnam so the demand for the thai rice has increased.

Thai Rice in Indonesia

thailand and indonesia
thailand and indonesia

Thailand’s Commerce Ministry and the Thai Rice Exporters Association (TREA) have agreed to  supply around 175,000 tons of 5% and 15% white rice to Indonesia under a government-to-  government contract.

The rice stock will be from new harvest and  the private sector would handle the supply.

Indonesia’s state buying agency BULOG has imported about 250,000 – 500,000 tons of rice last  month this year but the future import will depend on the domestic production and prices.

Indonesia has imported 50,000 tons of rice from Vietnam of which around 20,000 tons of 5%  broken rice and 30,000 tons of 25% broken rice to ensure adequate supply and  curb price hike.



Benin ranked as the top importer of Thai rice at 689,329 tonnes, up by 55.7% year-on-year, followed by China’s 338,170 tonnes (up 227%), Ivory Coast’s 325,558 tonnes (up 68.2%), Nigeria’s 321,955 tonnes…

The government instructed BULOG to import rice after the Central Statistics Agency data revels the need for import.It is expected that the  paddy rice production in Indonesia in 2014 to decline to around 69.8 million tons, down about 2% from an estimated 71.28 million tons in 2013. The decline in production is mainly due to an expected decline in rice acreage by 26,530 hectares compared to last year.