Thailand’s National Anti Corruption Commission (NACC) recommends Finance and Commerce ministers to file a civil case against 21 state officials and employee’s of two Chinese private firms including former Commerce Minister and Deputy Commerce Minister for corruption in rice Export deal with two Chinese firms.

In an investigation by NACC, it was found that both the ministers falsely showed a rice export deal of about 1.2 million tons between China and Thailand in 2013, however such a deal was never held between both the countries and the rice was sold locally.

The agency stated that the rice was sold to these firms at a price lower than that of pledging price who in turn sold the same rice to Thailand private company. Both the companies were not from Chinese government.

NACC president told that this misleading of the deals have caused a loss to the exchequer to be beyond 600 billion baht and therefore urged the Commerce and Finance Minister to seek the losses from the accused under section 73/1 of the 1999 Organic Act on Counter –Corruption.

NACC would forward the investigation report on G2G rice export deal to the Office of Attorney –General on 16 Feb recommending the prosecution of 21 officials in the court.

Thailand’s National Legislative Assembly (NLA) incriminate former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on 23rd Jan, 2015 for encouraging the corruption in the controversial Rice Pledging Scheme. She is also facing criminal charges on her role in the corrupt rice pledging scheme and if she found guilty she may be sentenced for ten years.