Thai exports will increase in future and might leave India behind: Sources have reported that Dept of foreign trade is planning to sale near about 450,000 tons of paddy on the date May 14, 2014, but P.M Yingluck`s ousting might obstruct it.
DFT has reported that Thailand exports were near about 2.1 million tons during Jan to April 4, 2014 and they were 28 percent more than last year. Exports of Jan to March were 2.2 million tons.
DFT has reported that it is hoped that Thai commerce ministry would return near about 20 billion baht (about $615 million) to the peasants under rice pledging scheme.
Thai exports will reach up to 10 million tons by the end of the MY year 2014, and Thailand would prove itself as a largest exporter. India may lag behind this year so Thailand has high hopes with its exports.

With Egyptian rice having good stature in countries like Arbian Gulf and Africa, it has been reported by USDA in Cairo that rice is being smuggled illegally bypassing the nation’s licensing program which limits the rice exports in hope of reduce high prices within home.

In measure to serve the food subsidy program, Egypt prohibited rice exports in 2011 but permitted rice export through an export licensing system in September 2012. But however till date the Government of Egypt (GoE) has not exported rice under the licensing system and hence the Minister of Supply and Trade (MoSIT) has declared to lift the ban by March 2014 in order to revive the economy.