India QueenDuring the week ending up to 9th July, while Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) was the host for trading of 267 KT of various commodities worth more than 148 million USD in spot market, the rice group experienced 18% growth in volume of trading.

According to the report from IME international affairs and PR, during this week in agricultural trading floor, 5,780 MT of sugar, 100 MT of maize as well as 1,130 MT of rice were traded.

Moreover, in Domestic and Export metals and minerals trading floor of IME, 55 KT of products worth more than 46 million USD were traded. In this trading floor, 48 KT of steel sections, 4,530 MT of copper, 100 MT of Molybdenum Concentrate, 1,520 MT of Aluminums as well as 200 MT of coke were traded by customers.

Also, in Domestic and Export oil and petrochemical trading floor of IME, 206 KT of different commodities with the total value of 96 million USD were sold. Also, 74 KT of bitumen, 28 KT of polymer products, 78 KT of VB, 8 KT of lube-cut, 15 KT of chemical products, 740 MT of insulation, 2,560 MT of sulfur and 40 MT of argon were traded in this trading floor.