Technical Conference

About the Technical Conference

Apart from 3 days exhibition a one day technical conference will be held on 15th August 2014 at Venue. This conference is aimed to create awareness in the following areas.
Theme 1 : Modernisation of Rice mills – Minimizing of damages and Brokens
Theme 2 : Profitability in By-products utilisations
Theme 3 : Subsidies and Financial Support for Ricemills Modernisation.
Theme 4 : Future Rice Markets
A Panel of reknowned speakers will address the sessions on various Imp issues of Rice Industry including the above mentioned themes.

The objective of the conference is to draw the attention of the Rice Industry sector on latest technologies, development strategies and business growth.

This seminar will provide a common platform to bring together Scientists, Technocrats, manufacturers, Ricemillers etc., for exchanging their ideas and experiences for formulating the strategies for future course of action, and making meaningful contributions in this fast growing sector, Specially from innovation point of view.