If local sources are to be believed than it is informed that Cambodia’s state owned centre for study and development in Agriculture (CEDAC) is targeting to double their rice export to 1000 tons by 2015 from the last year export volume of 540 tons after an increased demand for the Cambodian fragrant rice.

Currently CEDAC market for fragrant Organic Rice is USA and Hong Kong but Cambodia is exploring the opportunities to export its fragrant rice to Arab countries also.

According to CEDAC Export Officers, the prices of fragrant organic rice are much higher than non-organic milled rice but they are stable in the international market as compare to milled rice which fluctuates frequently.

Besides its great demand in the market, fragrant Organic Rice also provides a better margin to the Cambodian Rice exporter. CEDAC purchases organic rice from farmer at the rate of  $407 per ton as compare to non-organic rice which cost around $271 per ton.

A Local rice exporter said that they are targeting to export 1500 tons of organic rice this year, 2500 tons in 2016, and 4000 tons in 2017.CEO of the company said that they have signed an agreement with the farmers to export them organic rice and it would also benefits the farmers.

Though currently organic rice export contributes a minor part of the total Cambodian rice export of around 380,000 tons, the exporters are confident of increasing this percentage in the coming years.

Senior Advisor of Cambodian Rice Federation (CRF) said that the plantation of Organic Rice may not tempt a large numbers of farmers as its plantation requires a long duration and is tough