According to USDA Post, Taiwan has removed the longstanding 8year ban on U.S. long grain rice imports and has listed tender for importing around 3,000 tons of U.S. long grain brown rice for December 10, 2014.

According to the Post, first time Taiwan has released tender for U.S. long grain after it released its rice market in January 2002. It issued another tender for 1,500 tons of U.S. origin long grain brown rice for delivery between May 1 ­ June 30,2014.Taiwan mainly purchases California­ grown short/ medium grain rice and elevated California rice prices are supposed to push to boost the long­standing ban on U.S. long­ grain rice imports.

The issue was upstretched in some mutual meetings, both strictly and under the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement annual meetings. Taiwan’s Agriculture and Food Agency planned two tenders of U.S.-origin long grain for December 10.

The December 10 tender news is as follows with quality specifications attached: GF4-103-118 for 1,500 MT of U.S.-origin long grain brown rice with amylose content greater than or equal to 24% for delivery May 1-June 30, 2015. GF4-103-119 for 1,500 MT of U.S.-origin long grain brown rice for delivery May 1-June 30,

While demand is elevated, cost limits usage, as prices for alternate starches, such as corn, are lower. Lately, several popular brands of rice noodles were found to contain no rice ingredients. Insisting of consumers, Taiwan authorities started national standards for rice noodles under which product must be made of at least 50% of rice to be labeled, “rice noodle.” Long grain rice without amylose content descriptions will probable is used as table rice.

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