shanti agro adAccording to the report of the National Space Agency of Pakistan (SUPARCO) as well as UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) it has been revealed that in this year the monsoon in Pakistan has been turbulent with ensuing floods in Chitral and downstream Indus basin. Due to these reasons, around 48,300 hectares of paddy fields have been reported to be in excess which may lead to large undisposed stocks.

Further, as per sources, the sowing of kharif rice crop has been completed and the availability of fertilizers was satisfactory. However, irrigation water supply was lower by about 7.96% over last year. In addition, lack of proper marketing has led to increased stocks and lower prices last year. Moreover, in the current year’s harvest during October/November is expected to further depress prices which will be leading to problems to the farmers. However, the government has been urged to take remedial measure to address this issue. Export price of Pakistan 5% rice is currently quoted at around $320 per ton which is down about 26% from around $435 per ton from last year.

As reported by the Federal Committee on Agriculture (FCA) it has fixed 2015- 16 (July – June) milled rice production target at around 6.902 million tons (around 10.21 million tons, basis paddy) from around 2.836 million hectares. It has a  target to get  a yield of around 2.434 tons per hectare in 2015-16.However, the USDA estimates Pakistan’s MY 2014-15 (November – October) milled rice production to increase about 3% to around 6.9 million tons (around 10.35 million tons, basis paddy) from around 6.7 million tons (around 10.051 million tons, basis paddy) of  last year.