BEML Limited desires to enter into long term contract for Six Months for supply of Sona Masuri Raw Rice for canteen with firm price for six months, supply tentatively from – February 2016 to July 2016

The projected quantity is tentative and actual procurement will be indented every month or on need basis based on the consumption of Sona Masuri Raw Rice for 6 months is as follows:

Sl.No Item Unit Bangalore Complex (Appr. Quantity) KGF Complex EM Div. (Appr. Quantity) KGF Complex H&P Div. (Appr. Quantity) Total (Appr. Quantity)
1 Sona Masuri Raw Rice, fine quality, seasoned, free from broken rice, paddy, husk, stones and other impurities (Cleaned Sona Masuri Raw Rice) Kgs 87,500 1,00,000 44,000 2,31,500

Tender Document 

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