indian riceIndia is huge producer of rice after china. Now, India is going to Export rice to Indonesia market. As per recent report, Trade Minister of Indonesia has decided to open its market for Indian rice. Further in this regard, Thomas Lembong (Indonesian Trade Minister) told Gurjit Singh (Indian Ambassador) has decided to include India in the list of countries from which import of rice can be authorized.

In addition, the Indian Embassy in Jakarta has been trying to organize a G2G channel for export of rice to Indonesia. India and Indonesia both sides are about to strike a deal for supply of rice to Indonesia.

In this regard, Gurjit Singh said that they are trying to make better relationship between the two countries. Due to drought, rice shortage which comes in Indonesia India will fulfill that shortage, said Mr. Singh.

In this report, Indonesia has agreed to purchase pharmaceutical products from India which is known for its high quality and price affordability.Shanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. Jokowi’s government is deliberating on this to overcome the financial burden in connection with the issue of health cards to Indonesians.