AP logoAccording to the news released, it has been indicated that the state government has issued an order for procurement of paddy discolored due to recent rains in the twin Godavari districts. It will be accepted by the civil supplies department that the produce with discoloring percentage up to 10 per cent as per the GO which is applicable to only West and East Godavari districts.

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Further, it has been informed that it is expected to help in procurement of around 4.96 lakh tons subjected to discoloring from the growers in the two districts. Heavy rains in the Godavari delta during the month played havoc with paddy crop resulting in submergence, grain shedding and discoloring all over the delta. While, the government came under pressures from peasant organizations for relaxation of specifications in paddy procurement. As the Food Corporation of India (FCI) withdrew from the business of paddy procurement, the onus completely fell on the civil supplies department.