A giant leap forward in intelligent optical sorting for rice.

Welcome to the future of optical sorting. After conducting extensive research, Bühler has invested in developing the most technologically advanced, intelligent optical sorter available for rice today.All-new design and brand-new technologies, the SORTEX S UltraVision demonstrates a total commitment to:

Ultimate sorting performance with highest ever capacity

  • Now available with up to six chutes – A first from SORTEX.
  • Bühler patented feed system for even higher capacity per chute
  • All new inspection system to detect the most subtle rice discolouration and defects – varying degrees of purples, greys, yellows, streaks, pecks.
  • Multi-Chromatic ‘Ultra’ Cameras accentuates the difference between grain colours.
  • Textured LED Lighting™ for better detection, has exceptional life-span, low power consumption and easier to service.
  • Crosshair Targeting™ technology targets and ejects defect with pinpoint accuracy.

Delivering outstanding productivity

  • Intelligent Automation – still only available only to Bühler machines. Maintains consistent performance and remove need for manual set-up.
  • Intelligent Modes – A Bühler proprietary innovation. Pre-installs rice varieties.
  • Auto-Calibration system optimises lighting and cameras for consistent performance.
  • Easy access to optical viewing glass for cleaning – ensures optimal machine performance with minimal disruption to operations.
  • Bühler soft landing feature almost eliminates product breakages increasing your profitability.

Superior ease of use

  • Bühler’s all-new SORTEX ProSort™ operating software – Export quality sorting in 3-easy-steps.
  • Individual Defect Control – Fingertip control of each individual defect to reject.
  • Remote access capabilities – for real-time connection from anywhere in the world for real time support from Bühler engineers.
  • SORTEX Total Care AnywarePro™ for real time performance report on ejection rates, performance data, defect analysis, statistic and traceability.