Self sufficiency target for china :It has been reported that China wants to grow up its rice grain production and intends to be self dependent . Govt. has been planning to increase the production by different ways.
Now China is stepping towards self sufficiency in case of rice, with the patronage of the government. Modernization of the agriculture is also proving helpful in this context. According to a report by Agricultural information institute of the Chinese academy of agriculture sciences (CAAS), it is projected that wheat, rice and corn altogether would stand up to 578 million in 2023 and the total need projected would be around 596 million tons.
It is hoped that the rice production would increase up to 204 million tons in 2023 where the present level is 143 million tons. Self sufficiency target for china helps in increasing the  production, Vice-Minister of Agriculture Chen Xiaohua wants that, there should be full-self dependence in case of any rice grain.
China, for its growth, also wants a boost in agricultural modern equipment’s and various techniques. According to the USDA , china yields about 142.3 million tons of rice against a consumption of around 146 million tons. But at the same time this doesnot mean that the grain self sufficiency is totally abandoned in China