Myanmar is planning to a secure rice export deal with Philippines. And they are   planning to reduce dependence on China. Myanmar is also planning to increase rice exports to the European Union (EU) Countries, Indonesia, Japan and Malaysia, local sources quoted the Secretary of the Myanmar Rice Federation.

From last year after August the Chinese authorities have banned rice export through Myanmar border. The two governments have recently signed a contract under which Myanmar will export 100000 ton of rice to china. Similar situation is also faced by Vietnam rice exporters who export through northern borders to china.

The vice chairman of MRF agency is negotiating with Philippines’ Food Authority. He noted that Myanmar can export around 200,000 tons of rice to the Philippines annually, but expressed concern that Vietnam is a regular supplier to the Philippines and both the countries are well connected in term of logistics. . The Vice-Chairman of MRF said that Myanmar needs to work hard to secure a market share in the Philippines.

According to data from the Central Statistical Organization, Myanmar exported around 1.19 million tons of rice in FY 2014-15 (April-March) with nearly 80% going to China , and is expecting to increase exports to over 2 million tons in FY 2015-16. USDA estimates Myanmar to produce 19.688 million tons of paddy rice and export around 1.85 million tons of rice in MY2014-15(Jan-Dec 2015).