Giant snail may pose danger to Louisiana rice farmersAccording to the sources, it has been reported that Scientists from South America fear the Giant Apple Snail could destroy rice crops in west Louisiana. The snail is an invasive species from South America that is slowly eating up aquatic plants across the southern part of the state. It has been considered one of the worst invasive species in the world, as revealed by Mr Jacoby Carter with the US Geological Survey .Further, it has been stated that it is in the top 100 list of bad invasive species. Moreover, the snails live in fresh water and can grow as large as a person’s fist and primarily these are found in eastern and coastal parishes but may eventually end up in western waters where farmers grow rice.

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Furthermore, in this regard, Mr Carter also narrated that they have been in a problem in Asian rice paddies but have not had much affect in East Texan fields, probably because farmers in these area keep the water levels much lower .It has been told that Louisiana rice farmers might not be so lucky because many raise crawfish too in their fields, so they keep the water level much higher. Thus, it may force a management to change or pose a problem for those systems where they are managing for both rice and crawfish. Further, the Scientists have yet to discover a safe way to eradicate the snails without destroying other species. The snails lay clusters of bright pink eggs, up to 7000 at a time. Meanwhile, Mr Carter told that if you notice an egg cluster, take a picture and email him with the eggs location at