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Indian scientists from the Lucknow-based Council of Scientist and industrial Research (CSIR) – National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) have developed a new rice variety named ‘Muktashri’ which minimizes absorption of arsenic from the soil.
The Director of the institute informed that rice variety CN-1794-2-CSIR-NBRI/Muktashri has been developed after seven years of research and currently it is under trials. He noted that the variety minimizes absorption of arsenic to a large extent even when grown in areas with high arsenic levels in soil. The variety accumulates arsenic less than the maximum permissible daily intake and also provides high yields.
Further, it was told that rice growing areas in the Indo-Gangetic plains are having arsenic levels, which are feared to cause serious health concerns. The officials noted the government of India’s eastern state West Bengal would release the Muktashri rice variety very soon.