SCAFCO recently implemented a Commute Reduction Program at both of the Spokane, Washington State facilities. The program is aimed at reducing the employees’ overall carbon footprint. SCAFCO is encouraging employees to “go green” by providing special designated parking spaces for anyone who chooses to carpool instead of driving alone. SCAFCO has also installed bike racks at both corporate locations to encourage employees to use alternative methods of transportation to get to and from work.

In addition, SCAFCO has begun the development process of creating employee workout facilities to encourage overall health and fitness, and reduce travel stops for employees on their way home. SCAFCO prides itself on continually striving to improve efficiency and reduce costs of operations. Other initiatives taken to decrease their environmental impact has been to install motion lights in all the newer buildings that turn off when the rooms are not in use, as well as installing motion faucets and soap dispensers to help ensure that resources are not wasted.