SCAFCO Grain Systems recently recognized the company’s top performing dealers for the year 2013. The recognition went to the dealerships that demonstrated exceptional customer service and exceeded sales projections for the year.

While it would be SCAFCO’s desire to have a relationship with each customer, time, volume and distances around the world preclude this.  However, SCAFCO dealers do a fantastic job of representing SCAFCO Grain Systems through providing support, education and services to the end-users. SCAFCO Grain Systems dealers play a pivotal role in delivering SCAFCO Grain Systems products along with their services to customers.

Overall, SCAFCO recognized dealers with Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Awards for going above and beyond expectations. SCAFCO Grain Systems has exceptional standards for products and service, and believes that customers should receive comprehensive product application information when they make a purchase. SCAFCO dealers, in fulfilling this role, are selected and recognized for their superior standards, focus on education, and outstanding customer service.