On April 28th, SCAFCO Corporation will celebrate its 60th year of operation. SCAFCO was established in Spokane, Washington in 1954. It began as a small business known as Spokane Culvert and Fabricating Company whose main product was corrugated steel culverts. In 1961, the company expanded to include manufacturing of grain storage systems and started the division now known as SCAFCO Grain Systems Company. SCAFCO expanded again in 1994 to include the production of steel framing products and created the division known as Spokane Steel Stud Company. The original culvert product division was sold in 1986 and the company name was changed to SCAFCO. SCAFCO Corporation is still a privately owned company, directed by the son of the original Spokane Culvert and Fabricating Company founder.

In the 53 years that SCAFCO Grain Systems Company has been operating, the product line has been developed to offer complete systems for grain storage and handling.  This includes flat bottom and hopper bottom bins/silos, aeration systems, material handling equipment, catwalks and towers. Beyond grain storage, SCAFCO also offers water storage and aggregate storage systems. With products installed in 83 countries, SCAFCO Corporation is proud of the growth that has been experienced in the past 60 years, and SCAFCO looks forward to continued relationships with current customers and the opportunity to work with new customers all over the world.