shanti-agro-banners-15Today Satake, for a quick and easy analysis of gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA) content in rice, released the new Satake GABA measuring device. According to the news on their website, the team had been working tirelessly to raise awareness about the technology by opening of GABA rice ball shops and registering as foods with function since it first developed the GABA Meter for analyzing GABA content in rice in 2009.They have now released the improved GABA measuring device and called it “GABAlyzer”.

A chemical is added to rice and shaken well to extract GABA from rice for “GABAlyzer”. Enzyme and a reagent are then added to produce the color. This device senses the color concentration to analyze the GABA content. Anyone can operate the device as it does require any technical knowledge to do so. Ten samples can be analyzed simultaneously in 4 hours from the pretreatment time when the samples are taken. The new device analyzes the GABA rapidly than the conventional models which take 5 hours. The measurer only operates the device for 2 hours while analyzing 10 samples simultaneously thereby improving the analyze time by half and improving the efficiency a great deal. Also, it does not require deleterious substances, so it is not necessary to store them or perform waste liquid treatment. The conventional device needs to be in operation for 4 hours and needs to perform waste liquid treatment.