A Soldier raided at Phoenix Agritech (Thailand) Co Ltd  (Company in Muang district of Pathum Thani) and found that 91000 sacks of rice worth 69 million are missing from the warehouse in Pathum Thani.The warehouse was supposed to have 130,000 sacks of rice  but it was found that 91000 sacks were mising as there were only 39000 sacks were found.

The warehouse containeds broken rice and 5% white rice and some had been damaged by insects.and to make the warehouse volumed stacks of the front row were filled with scaffolds for illusion.Soldiers also found scaffolds in place of the missing sacks to prop up the sacks in the front rows so that the warehouse appeared full.

The warehouse was under the supervision of Marketing Organisation for Farmers, for which Phoenix was serving as a contractor.

On 9th july 2013 and 12th November 2013, 10,000 sacks of rice had been reported missing.The search team found many rows of rice stacked together several metres high from the floor.

The rice came from the 2012-13 pledging programme . Soldiers will check whether the rice in the warehouse is the same as what was pledged.

In the meantime, they have assigned their men to guard the warehouse and will file a compliant with the police later.