Arm Strength Industrial Co.According to the Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Mr. Alexei Gruzdev, Russia is planning to propose to the member countries, to systematically reduce the amount of state support for the agricultural sector, at the World Economic Forum, “Summer Davos” in December 2017. Russia continues to prepare a list of proposals, particularly related to the initiatives deal with investment issues, multilateral investment agreements and e-commerce, for the upcoming WTO conference.

Mr. Gruzdev rued the fact that USA and the EU countries allocate considerable more agricultural subsidies in comparison to Russia. Due to the substantial internal support to their farmers these countries have additional competitive advantages than Russian farmers. Because of the difference in the amount of subsidies when entering international markets, countries find themselves in unequal conditions, Gruzdev lamented. He also added that, despite the US’s non-constructive position on world trade, Russia would continue to highlight these issues at the WTO.