Russia has rejected its parboiled rice consignment with India after Russia’s phytosanitary watchdog, Rosselkhoznadzo has detected the presence of pest in the crop in July 2014.

Rosselkhoznadzo  said that the parboiled rice imported from India was of inferior quality and also contaminated by the pest.The grains stored in the bags imported from India were contaminated with 4 specimen of pest including 1 meal worm, 2 locust leaf roller ,1 ticks  per kg.

The import has been banned second time by Russia due to similar reasons and now also the parboiled rice Consignment has been banned to enter the  country.Russia banned this consignment earlier between February-August 2013.

The Russian rice market is a growing one for Indian exporters for the recent years, but remains vulnerable to bans based on phytosanitary concerns. India’s rice exports to Russia grew almost six-fold to around 63,040 tonnes in FY2012-13 compared to the previous year, but exports in FY2013-14 declined to 55,167 tonnes due to Rosselkhoznadzor’s ban on rice imports from India during February – August 2013.

Russia’s rice imports are expected to increase this year to around 250,000 tonnes in 2014, up about 4% from an estimated 240,000 tonnes in 2013 due to declining rice acreage in the country.

According to data from USDA Russia’s 2014 rice production has declined by 11%  to around 608,000 toms from around 684,000 tons.This is due to the decline in the area of land in the country.