The farmers in the riverina region are not very much satisfied with the amount of water they are receiving.

It’s a crucial time for the rice plantation, but many farmers on general security allocations are very much disappointed with the limited supply of water to them.

They are not sure about the quantity of rice they can plant as there is no certainty about the water supply to them by The New South Wales Office of Water.

Although the water allocation has been increased by 3% to a total of 40% but Griffith rice grower Chint Quarisa is frustrated.He said that he cannot understand what the bureaucrats in Sydney want us to do. The dams are 65-80% full but they were told that only 40% are full.

Mr Quarisa has 360 acres of land for rice plantation but he is not certain yet that how much he could plant as plantation depends on the water availability.

Griffith City Council said that there is water above in the mountains, market has demand but still we are not getting the water.

Traditionally if farmers have a single dollar, they spend it in the communist but now since they are not sure for the future so they are holding there money.

Minister says, Over-allocation ‘does not end well

Over allocation of the water does not end well says the NSW Water Minister Kevin Humphries after the issue that government has faced in late 2000s.

Over allocation ends in failed crop or litigation issues.

Griffith farmer and Mirrool Ricegrowers’ Association branch president Hayden Cudmore remembers has said that it was not good for the business at all

The Griffith City Council said that farmers are saying them that there is snowfall, rainfall, but still they are getting low water allocation.