Riceoutlook is pioneering a brand new trend- Riceoutlook Industry Awards (RIA) – to honor the excellence of Indian Basmati Rice Industry and put them into limelight they so deserve. RIA is not only an award to cherish but celebration of ideas becoming realities on the shoulders of smart hard work and extraordinary skills.  RIA is dream for the future generations to follow and take Indian Rice Industry to new undefined heights. RIA is honest gesture of recognition of the talents of Indian Rice Industry.

Riceoutlook Industry Awards (RIA) - A Dream Award Nite!

RIA is a path breaking initiative that is making a Star Debut @ Food Show India 2017 on 19th August at Hotel Noor Mahal, Karnal. “FOOD SHOW INDIA 2017,” is being organized by Chirag Agri Ventures Pvt Ltd., under the aegis of All India Rice Exporters Association (AIREA), with the wholehearted support of Punjab Basmati Rice Millers Association (PBRMA) and Haryana Rice Millers & Dealers Association (HRMDA), promoted by Riceoutlook on 19th August, at Hotel Noor Mahal, Karnal (Haryana). Food Show is the country’s only Rice Highlighting and Focusing, Conference cum Exhibition, where in all 1212 Rice Millers of the supporting Associations would be personally invited to share a common platform with the best Modern Rice Processing Machinery Manufactures.

Topics of the Conference:

  1. How to Reduce Milling Losses (Lectures).
  2. Global Rice Milling Outlook (Lectures).
  3. How to make Basmati Rice Business profitable (Lectures and Panel Discussion).

The necessity of applauding and awarding the achievers of Indian Rice Industry is One of Its Kind Endeavors. RIA would not only create awareness about the extraordinary work done by some extraordinary people but also propel the coming generations to take lead in the rice industry to new heights it deserves. RIA is a small gesture in highlighting and appreciating the geniuses of the Indian Rice Industry that would go an extra mile in motivating others. RIA would confer upon those who excel!