Rice yield reduced in PhilippinesAccording to the sources, it has been reported that the rice crop reached over 20% of the harvested area in Venancio Aires. It has been revealed that the culture has an area of 1,750 and areas already taken, the productivity is at 7.8 kilos per hectare. Withdrawals are the municipal office Emater / RS-Ascar and State level; there is a reduction of 5.62% of the cultivated area compared to last season, projecting a total of 1.064 million hectares. Production should also be 8.58% lower than that obtained last year, due to the decrease of 3.67% in productivity, amounting to 7.934 million tons.

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Further, it has been narrated that the reduction of area and production also occurred in Venancio Aires. As the head of the municipal office Emater / RS-Ascar Vicente Fin, rice was the culture that was being most affected due to low insolation and excessive rainfall recorded during the spring and summer. But Fin stresses that it is still early to project the final average, given that producers started a few weeks ago the harvest, that by the time adds a little over 20%. As factors that can influence the reduction of productivity, Finland points out that there were days very cloudy early in the cycle due to the constant rains in the area where the culture was early planted and then there were the floods at the time of flowering, still allied too little light. As the report indicates that more than 20 days of rain was not recorded in January, for rice, did well. Before this Indian summer, says Fin, it was expected a loss of production for the best years were over 7,000 kilograms per hectare.