A rice stockpile was found to have been damaged by fire at a warehouse in the southern province of Nakhon Si Thammarat during a survey by inspectors yesterday.

Orawan Khumsap, an inspector from the Prime Minister’s Office, led the 99th rice inspection team to examine a rice stockpile at the warehouse of Sinthongdee Parawood Co in  tambon Thiwang, Thung Song district which is the third district  to be surveyed by the inspector.

 60,068 sacks of rice weighing 100 kg each were  stored in the warehouse which has been found  scattered about and damaged by fire. 

Deputy Kapang police chief Pachon Niamrin reported to Ms Orawan that the warehouse had caught fire three times on Mar 4, 2011, Feb 21, 2014 and April 5, 2014.

Pachon said that during inspection it was founded that the fire was caught as a result of a chemical reaction between aluminium phosphide and humidity which destroyed a large amount of rice in the warehouse.

Ms Orawan said the inspection team will take samples of the damaged rice for examination and report will be forwarded to central authority for further action

 Meanwhile,the three warehouse of “Ton Kaw Ton Nam” Storage company in tambon Wang-Namsap of Si Prachan district will be inspected.Out of the three,the two contain broken-milled rice and another kept 5% white rice. 

As per the action of the ivestigation the damaged rice piles will be inspected for their code number and quality.

ML Panadda Diskul, acting permanent secretary to the Prime Minister’s Office, said that the rice stocks  inspected  was in order and no of sacks matched with the documentation.

He said that earlier also 18000 warehouses were inspected .The unconfirmed amount of grain in the government stockpile is a core issue in the National Anti-Corruption Commission’s decision that former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra was guilty of dereliction…